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29.10.2008: Unbelievable crap!
13.07.2008: The downfall of X
09.06.2008: Usable environments
27.08.2008: Anti-bike intersection design
20.03.2008: State of fonts review
01.03.2008: The digital disaster
22.12.2007: Theses on free software: An addendum
01.09.2007: Hush little crybaby, don't use Word
02.02.2007: Scripting, configuration, and API design
16.02.2007: My computer is not a Turing machine
01.04.2007: The idiot box Linux
12.10.2007: Wailing on mailing
16.07.2007: Capable packages
11.05.2007: Computing in the age of tangled barbwire
01.06.2007: Theses on free software
24.08.2007: Connection timed out
03.03.2007: The megafreeze development model is broken
20.01.2007: Thoughts on configuration files and databases
01.01.2007: Approaches for avoiding dialog windows
21.07.2009: Defection? Part 3: Windows
13.03.2009: Defection? Part 2: Linux
08.03.2009: Defection? Part 1: Hardware
22.12.2006: Regarding eye candy
08.12.2006: Our size fits all: the ethos of the GUI No One Might Enjoy
02.09.2006: Viekää ne peltilehmänne laiduntamasta takapihaltani!
02.09.2006: Free and non-free software, formats and protocols
14.09.2006: Notes on email transport
29.09.2006: What is usability?
12.02.2006: Reforming the GUI monoculture
14.04.2006: TeXnical documents and markup languages
21.04.2006: A few words on a Logic File System
01.04.2006: Udev sucks
13.10.2006: Surfaces, or: point that light away from my eyes
29.10.2006: An evaluation of version control systems
29.10.2006: Dementia saving time
23.10.2006: Bicycles, skis, cars and campfires
27.07.2006: Take your vehicles of terror out of my backyard!
04.07.2006: Build tools, too smart and too stupid
12.05.2006: Web applications, monoculture, and reinventing the wheel
21.05.2006: The Linux #1 point of failure
01.05.2006: An alternative May Day speech
18.11.2006: The defeat of the moralist
09.06.2006: Information theft and the concept of property, Part 1
10.06.2006: Information theft and the concept of property, Part 2
30.06.2006: Improving IRC
16.06.2006: Bookmarks and bookshelves
06.06.2006: Thank you very much for making Linux one step worse again
25.06.2006: Key signing, exchange, and virtual personalities
17.08.2006: Why ImageMagick sucks and the importance of man pages
26.08.2006: The UTF-8 monoculturists
04.08.2006: Beyond (im)mobile computing
19.08.2006: How to not reclaim the streets
18.08.2006: Timebomb typing and timesink typing
21.08.2006: Terminal fonts
28.03.2006: Advanced filesystems beyond metacrap
17.03.2006: The case against blurred fonts
01.03.2006: Advanced filesystems beyond metacrap
27.01.2006: Smashing the monopoly
14.01.2006: Vanhassa vara parempi
01.01.2006: Happy new year 1984!
31.12.2005: Information wants to be green
23.12.2005: A (L)GPL absurdity
23.12.2005: Packages under the tree