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Thank you very much for moving everything from under /usr/X11R6 to the mess known as the /usr hierarchy, Xorg and Debian people. Now nothing works. After spending a lot of time to even manage to get X install after upgrade removed all of X and the x11-common package refused to install at all without awful kludges, X now crashed (didn't reboot it after the upgrade, because I knew this was coming). And now I can't boot it, because I can't install the nvidia driver. And all the other configs are fucked up too, because things are all over the place. You don't just go removing without transition phase such an established directory as /usr/X11R6 that all programs expect, and putting everything in a single basket. That's, indeed, the completely wrong direction to take. Application directories (/usr/pkg/package-version/ or maybe even /debian-testing/package-version/) are the way to go, not taking this unix all-in-one-basket mess even further.

Now I hear everyone complaining "you shouldn't be running testing if you're not willing to go through all the trouble". Yeah, maybe I'll have to switch to GoboLinux, for at least they're attempting at cleaning up things with app.dirs. instead of going with the FHS idiocy (/media sucks too BTW; removable media should reside directly under root for comfortable names -- and symlinks aren't of much help there generally), although They Have Been Corrupted By The Idiotic Marketdroid Convention Of Very Long and Cumbersome Names. Or maybe I should switch to Windows, for Linux keeps getting worse all the time, and on Windows at least Firefox has a semi-usable file dialog and not that Gnome "for mice, not men" crap, and I could thus use a free browser. Oh, wait... Opera also is not an option anymore as I have no functioning X.

Thank you very much.