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I've been using the X standard “misc-fixed” font in terminals for a long time. It's quite good a font: it's a bitmap font so it looks good always and on all distros, and is available on all of them (for now, until some anti-aliasing zealot decides to remove all that is not TTF). It also has rather decent unicode coverage, unlike most fonts. (XTerm can't use multiple fonts simultaneously, but all the other terminal emulators otherwise suck more than XTerm.) I'm, however, lately been getting a bit tired of it, looking for a refreshing and slightly simpler font. There just doesn't seem to be one good enough.

sigh. I guess I'll stick to misc-fixed… and “adobe-helvetica” for the rest when the apps don't demand TTF shit, as too many apps seem to do. Those two seem to be the only two semi-decent screen fonts on the planet. (For print there are many more decent fonts.)