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As an (online) discussion grows longer, the probability of resorting to Morality approaches one. (Godlose's law)

Morals are like assholes: everyone's got their own, and they stink. By referring to and resting your case on the spook of morality, you indicate that you have no further real arguments to support your position on the matter, and furthermore, being unable to acknowledge your standing being merely your opinion or prejudice, try to shroud it into the mysticist notion of morality (assumed or implicitly offered as objective in statements appealing to the notion). You have therefore failed to convince the opponent that your interest should be theirs, and lost the debate by – instead of acknowledging that you have ran out of arguments – trying to mystify matters and possibly, as is often the case, by (implicitly) trying to appeal to the authority of the source of your morals. Morality loses. God loses. I reject the authority of your oppressive morals, of your gods. So stuff your morals where the sun doesn't shine.