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There are seldom any protests in Jyväskylä, being just a small city (of about 84k people in the city itself, and some 160k with the surrounding municipalities included) in a very sparsely populated country of quite tame people. There's not enough critical mass. Today there, however, was a “reclaim the streets” street party and protest against the dominance of the private automobile, fuelled by the annual rally world championship competition being held here now. Perhaps some 150 people showed up.

First the parade tried to take over too big a thoroughfare, so the vehicles of terror just kept going by. So the party moved on, to another street. Possibly following instructions from the pigs, it settled on a little-used side street, not essentially blocking any car traffic and unable to attract that many passers-by. But just a few intersections down there would've been very suitable blocks to occupy, working to extend the small pedestrian area.

Too tame and lame. The party succeeded at not reclaiming a street from cars. And as the music sucked (I'm not much into most forms of electronic music), I left. Next year, try to occupy a smaller street with more visibility and some traffic (and chances of the pedestrian area being extended to it).